Pwning Privacy

This quote my mom told me summarizes my feelings of privacy:

Do not write anything that you would not want EVERYONE to read.

I talked about a number of things in that video. Mainly the issue of privacy in this new “online age” we live in. I didn’t talk much about it in the video, but the whole “I don’t care if I was getting watched 24/7” is the world people are going to have to get used to. It’s getting easier and easier and cheaper and cheaper to record and store information. So much to the point that people will (and some are already) recording/broadcasting their life almost 24/7. Add to that the fact that people (like myself) are going to have 24/7 surveillance on their house and other property (I plan on mounting my car(s) with internal and external cameras which will be online.) You will never know when or where you’re being filmed. I also want to say be careful with what kind of digital imagery you let people take of you or that you broadcast on what you might think is a private video cast/voicecast. It’s WAY to easy to record video, or at least take screen shots of what is happening. I don’t want to freak anyone out. Just be careful and take time to think about what level of comfort you have with your image online. I have practically 0 cares. I’m on one end of an extreme.

That said, let me get to the links and information I was going to provide…

Interested in the MilTownKlan?

There is an email list you can sign up for [here]. Follow the instructions in the messages you’ll get and I will write you back.

My brother’s blog

is [here.] But he recently posted something touching on Generation Y and such in [this post.]


The [FrontLine story titled “Growing Up Online”] can be viewed in it’s entirety online (how fitting.) I highly recommend watching it.

Generation Y

The Wikipedia Entry on Generation Y says it goes from 1982/83 to 1997. That seems about right, but I have a feeling that I am a little different in that I hold many of the properties from “Generation Y” even though I was born in 1979. I think this is because of how early our family had a computer in the house. A lot of people my age are not on Facebook and the other social networking sites (certainly not the same proportion as my sister’s generation, she’s… 20?)

Who’s Watching You?

Read up on [ECHELON] and [Carnivore] so you have an idea of the kind of stuff our, American (and other), governments are doing. And remember, that stuff is OLD. Do a little more research and see what the new stuff is on about. And also remember, if you can find information about it there’s something 5 times cooler that you won’t be able to find information about (that’s the nature of technology.)

Youtube Wants You Safe

Oh, and I forgot to mention it in the video, but Youtube has a little page about online safety.


One response to “Pwning Privacy

  1. I missed that Frontline program when it aired. Very interesting. Also, I didn’t know those words made such an impact. I guess they were appropriate for entering the internet age. Words seem to have more power when they’re written (or taped I suppose). You can always revisit them and relive the hurt, embarrassment, or whatever. I suppose you can also revel in the praise, compliments, etc. as well.

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